What a great interview. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together and share your vision with the community.

Put me in the camp that’s a little “freaked out” by the changes, but looking forward to seeing where they go. Here’s my story:

I studied eCommerce in graduate school back when it was still called “eCommerce”. Pre-Bubble I. I have owned a digital agency for over a decade and am fairly comfortable on the frontend. I’d describe myself as an entrepreneur first, design/dev/marketer after that.

Over the years I tried my hand at several backend technologies but always gave up. Got into Rails only to freeze over a frustrating web of choices. Ditto on Python and let’s not even talk about PHP or that wild weekend in Vegas with .NET.

Meteor was the first time it all clicked. Meteor was the “aha” moment that I needed to break through and actually build something. Exactly because Meteor was opinionated it was my gateway drug to full-stack development. The ability to sit down, start writing code, and bring ideas to life is bliss.

But if I hadn’t started last year, and were starting today, I’d be back in the same boat of not knowing where to begin. Of getting frustrated trying to choose between React and Blaze, Mongo or Apollo, Atmosphere or NPM, this router or that… Of not understanding which tutorials were pre-1.3 and post-1.3.

I get the need to create a viable business model. Totally understand that. And I understand that the engineers who make hosting decisions are professional engineers who demand lots of flexibility from a framework. You have to build those relationships and meet those needs.

But in the process of trying to get in the door with enterprise devs, Meteor is closing the door to the much bigger audience of potential developers who will be coming online in the next few years to solve the world’s problems.

What an amazing opportunity to be the foundation for a generation of developers who can and will be leading powerful, innovative changes for decades to come. While it may not look as pretty in an 18-month revenue projection chart, the 5 and 10 year numbers will rival any company on earth. That is the real opportunity waiting for someone like Meteor to seize.

Sure, as people get more experienced, they’ll diversify. But if my story is like anyone else’s, the organization that delivers that empowerment will have long-lasting brand loyalty.

I will be eternally grateful to Meteor for giving me the structure and framework to, as Ben Strahan says, build amazing things. I just hope others have that opportunity as well.

Tech+politics. Founder Flat Creek & Datrm.in. SDG

Tech+politics. Founder Flat Creek & Datrm.in. SDG