As professionals, much of our value is based on our access to, and mastery of information. We are masters of our craft, and our clients expect us to be on top of the latest developments both in our field as well as external factors that may impact their objectives.

It’s a tall order, and especially as we face unprecedented global challenges (as well as opportunity), the noise and volume of information can be overwhelming.

How can we possibly develop strategic insights and recommendations when our phones are blowing up hundreds of times a day, the news is packed wall-to-wall with…

In the aftermath of yet another 50/50 election in America — this one wilder than most — Washington seems ready to continue torching the already scorched earth remnants of zero-sum politics. Many wonder how much worse can the political climate get. I’m consumed by the question of how can we make it better?

American society is in a drought, an arid wasteland after twenty years of political power struggles.

On one side, Democrats seek to gain power to advance their agenda of helping the marginalized and underprivileged, then use their power to grow government with mixed results.

On the other…

As a consultant, fundraiser, or other referral-based business, taking your work to the next level means being proactive to communicate with clients, prospective clients, and other important contacts.

We all know the importance of word of mouth marketing. According to Nielsen research, 92% of buyers trust recommendations from friends and family (quick aside: who are those poor 8% who don’t?).

If you’re lucky, you’ve been on the receiving end of a phone call that starts like this: “Jane, are you taking on new clients? I was talking with someone over lunch about a problem they are facing, and I think…

Here’s some news that probably won’t shock you: Americans are stressed.

According to a recent Harris Poll on behalf of the American Psychological Association, Americans’ stress is up significantly this year. For parents with children and minorities, stress is up significantly higher.

Even as we process our own stress and form our own response to current events, it’s important to keep in mind our role in reaching out to others, whether they be employees, clients, or family.

For someone under significant stress, a friendly check-in can make a world of difference. Even if they may not actively feel stressed or…

A unified contact list to message supporters quickly is a staple of any effective digital advocacy campaign, and has been forever.

But once you build the list, when is the best time to send messages to them?

For years, conventional wisdom has held that Tuesday morning is the best time to send an email newsletter, so that’s when most email marketers schedule their blasts. But new data shows there’s a wrinkle to this maxim that may require taking a closer look and best practices for email marketing.

One of our integration partners, Campaign Monitor, recently released a report analyzing over…

A global pandemic. Race riots. Economic collapse. And apparently an asteroid headed our way.

Could 2020 get any worse? Let’s try not to answer that question.

The one ingredient that makes any crisis worse is a lack of leadership. And unfortunately, we are sorely lacking in leadership today. Who will step up to fill the vacuum, calm the storms and paint a picture of the future that can focus our energy to take positive action?

There’s only one answer, and the answer is you.

Your friends, neighbors, clients, donors, employees — they need to hear from you. You are a…

Following the death of George Floyd and the ensuing protests, I’m left simply grieving for our nation, asking, “Can we be better?”

Can we fulfill the vision of America where all people are created equal and treated equally under the law?

Can our leaders call for calm, peace, healing and understanding — while also standing up to bullies and terrorists?

Can we get out of our comfort zones to listen to other perspectives, seeking to understand our fellow citizens? Are our own views so fragile that we can’t even listen to what others are saying?

There is so much we…

A clean, bright home office optimized for productivity

Even as the economy starts to reopen and quarantine restrictions lift, more of us are going to work not downtown, but down the hall. If you have been used to the routine of regular commutes, office banter, and dedicated workspace, this change can be a shock to the system.

But a lot of us find working from home to be really productive. What’s the secret to achieving productivity in the midst of family chaos?

For the last 10 years, I have mostly worked from home at the same time we were homeschooling our children, so I’ve had my fair share…

Living near Boulder, Colorado is great for our family for so many reasons. The weather, the friendly people, and the abundance of outdoor activities all create a great quality of life.

For me though, the most exciting part of living here has been the access to dozens of amazing startup companies. Take a walk down Pearl Street and you’ll find brick buildings packed with growing tech companies and coffee shops packed with emerging startups. I’ve learned a lot from the these brilliant entrepreneurs and developers, but my mind always comes back to, “How does this apply to politics?”

If a…

Here goes nothing…

For the past 15 years, I’ve been involved in politics and technology in some form or another. While the quality of technology available to us has exploded in that time, it still feels like there are some missing pieces.

With all of the data, analytics, machine learning and digital tools around us, we still too often find ourselves with a simple problem: different versions of contacts in different places, and no good way to communicate with them. …

Allen Fuller

Tech+politics. Founder Flat Creek & SDG

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